Naalala ko lang yung kapag magkasama kami tapos napapadaan kami sa Cathedral eh dadaan kami at magdadasal. 

Tapos pag natapos magdasal uupo lang saglit. Silence. You, me & God. 

Tapos ang gaan sa pakiramdam. 

Tapos yun. Namiss ko lang. 

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2Jul 20th

Cause my heart is wherever you are

It’s like catching lightning, the chances of finding

Someone like you ~

I’ll always save the last dance for you :) 

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3Jul 1st

Gustong gusto ka ni mama, alam mo ba yun? HAHA di naman kita boyfriend, di rin manliligaw, pero botong boto sayo si mama HAHA :)

Ang cute nito eh, naghiyawan pa lahat nung binuhat mo ako. Sabi pa nila, nakangiti daw si Papa at mukhang approve na approve siya sayo HAHA! 

Thanks for being my Prince Charming, even just for one night :)

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2Jun 24th

(Left to right) 1st Sem, 2nd sem, Summer term :)

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4Jun 6th

Miss you. See you soon. Take Care. God Bless ♥

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1May 30th

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  • *Pinicturan niya ako. Ampangit kasi stolen. As in*
  • While walking..
  • Me: Ang pangit ko dun sa picture! Worst photo ever.
  • Him: I accepted you at your worst. Tanggap kita.
  • HAHAHAHAHA hindi ko alam kung maiinis ba ako sa stolen picture or compliment ba yun o sinasabi niya talangang pangit ako HAHAHAHA
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May 7th

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May 5th

Sometimes I feel sad tho. But I’m really surprised that I have loved you all these years, even though you don’t feel the same way… anymore.

Sometimes I wish I never fell for you, that you never fell for me, that our feelings for one another never complicated our friendship. But more often than not, I think that was one of the best things that ever happened, falling in love with each other.

But then again, here we are. I don’t know what we are, but I know what we are not. Of course we know how we feel. You told me you still have feelings, but not as strong as the ones before. I told you I still feel the same way, my love a bit tainted by pain but still enough to keep loving you. 

Oh yes, the promise we made. I often wonder if it’s still valid or it is now just empty words carried away by the wind. I try not to think about it anymore. 

We have been through a lot. Falling for each other, breaking up with each other, losing each other, I even wrote you a letter saying that I was finally letting you go and oh boy, that was one of our most intense moments ever, I thought we were done for good… and somehow, we managed to save the friendship.We worked things out. I’m grateful for that. At least I didn’t lose you completely. At least you’re still a part of my life and I am a part of yours. 

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May 2nd

And I still love you.

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1Mar 28th

Jestel :). 17 y/o. In love with my bestfriend..
| Wizard ϟ Harry Potter ϟ || Demigod ψ|
Waiting. Hoping. Praying :)

Instagram: @jesteeel

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