And I still love you.

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1Mar 28th

Cause everyday it feels like a competition to me. Everyday, it feels like I should always fight for a spot in your life. Everyday, it feels like you forget me just cause some hot chick strikes a conversation with you. Everyday, it feels like I should constantly fight for your damn attention. Everyday, it feels like anytime, I can easily be replaced by someone who you’d think might be much better than me.

And everyday, I have to live with this pain. The pain of constantly fighting for a spot in your life. The pain of seeing you flirt with other girls. The pain of uncertainty. The pain of you ignoring me while giving them your attention.

The pain of loving you.

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Nov 7th

Yung feeling na nagpost siya ng ganito. HAHAHA feels great :)

Naglalakad kami sa may assumption tapos biglang bumuhos ang ulan, eh tamad kami magpayong oh di tumakbo kami papuntang mcdo. 

Tapos nag 7-11 kami XD as usual yung napaka-laking slurpee nanaman binili niya, pero nagulat ako dalawang straw kinuha niya HAHAHA yehey share

tapos tong picture, sa may bandang hospital “under the rain”. Yun lang, tinatamad na ako magkwento HAHAHA basta I’m happy :)

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4Nov 5th

Di naman talaga siya talaga throwback, its been a month since these pictures were taken.

Gusto ko lang magpost. Miss ko na eh. Pero ako di niya miss or malay mo, pero shet wag umasa. Same old shit. Okay.

3Oct 24th

It lasted forever, but ended so soon. #092111

Hey there, my love. Look at all our memories. Look at all our moments together, and let’s just reminisce they times we had. We were so in love in a special way, it felt so real and I assure you that it was real. What we had was real, what we had was something that others craved to have. 

And today marks our 2nd anniversary, but not anymore. We didn’t make it. We decided to just end things. It’s been more than a year, and yet the pain still stings. 

Funny how we just decided to just be friends, best friend or something like that. How can you be ‘just friends’ with someone you fell in love with? 

And I’d go back to the past, not to change anything but to experience this all over again. I’d go back, you know? So that I can hug you again, I’d feel the warmth of your hand and your lips against my forehead. I’d go back to feel your love once again.

And I guess we still have our promises right? They’ll never understand us, and they don’t need to. And I guess I’m holding on to that promise, though it’s uncertain, so unsure that it will happen. 

And maybe this is for the best, us just being friends. Maybe someday, we’ll get the second chance we deserve. 

And I don’t regret a thing. That I met you, that I fell in love with you. If I were to meet you again, even knowing that such sadness await me, I’d fall in love with you again. 

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2Sep 20th
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3Sep 10th

It lasted forever, but ended so soon.

So technically, it has been a year since he sent that heart breaking message. The day that changed everything. 

A girl never really forgets.

2Sep 5th

Each and everyday I think of you. 

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1Sep 5th

Jestel :). 17 y/o. In love with my bestfriend..
| Wizard ϟ Harry Potter ϟ || Demigod ψ|
Waiting. Hoping. Praying :)

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